Monday, September 3, 2007

Civilian Fitness Program


So, I was accepted into the Civilian Fitness Program & i’m extatic!!! I can’t wait to start!
Setting goals has always been very easy to do for me; maintaining them is what I struggle with every day. There are many changes that I would like to make - in my fitness, nutrition, and life.
I am exited to say that today marks day 1 of my 6 month Civilian Fitness Program given by my employer. I’m very exited and committed to finish this program and maintain it for life. Here is the letter of acceptance:

12 March 2007

Welcome to the Civilian Fitness Program! The first step in
determining your level of fitness and insuring a lifetime of health and
happiness starts here. Life is not about the amount of time that we live, but
rather about the quality of that time.

You will receive a complete fitness assessment and evaluation of your
current fitness level. This assessment will include a profile of your
cardio-respiratory, absolute and dynamic strength, flexibility, and body
composition. After all data is collected, our Physical Fitness Specialists will
set-up a time with you to present you with your completed packet and offer
guidelines on how to improve your level of fitness over the next six

We look forward to seeing you on Monday, 19 March 2007, at 7:45 a.m.
We will meet in the lobby of Stout Gym. This will be a very fun and
informative morning and we will all share a few laughs and get you on-track to
meet your goals. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to
contact me at xxx-xxxx.

Doug Briggs, Ph.D., CSCS
Director of Strength & Conditioning-US ARMY/MWR

I believe i’ve been giving a second chance…

Here are some broad goals that I would like to accomplish in this program (March - September 2007):

  • Lose 50 pounds of FAT
  • Be under 30% body fat
  • Fit into my size 8/10 jeans again
  • Be able to run/jog/walk a mile in under 11 minutes
  • Be able to do more than 20 regular push-ups in 1 minute
  • Improve my cardiovascular endurance
  • Improve my strength levels (Bench Press, Squat, Leg Press)
  • My ULTIMATE goal is to get down to 18% body fat & maintain a healthy weight range of 145-155 lbs.
  • Please visit my GOALS page for more details.

That’s it for now.

~ Vilma

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