Monday, September 3, 2007

1st post & New Blog

Well... what can I say? It's been a hectic & very stressful Labor Day weekend. My blog has been suspended because I apparently violated their Terms of Agreement (if I did, It was an honest mistake), so here I am on Blogger, picking up the pieces of my 6 month journey so far. I also received an email from someone that suggested that I might of gotten my blog removed because I posted a Women's World Picture (something about copyright infringement) up with my Kimkins Diet Review.

You can CLICK HERE to view the cache version of my post.

Possibly... I don't know. She said that many people's blogs are being reported by Kimkins followers and then deleted and that i'm not the 1st one. Who know's???

For those that do not know, I have been keeping meticulous records, journals, stats & measurements of my weight loss journey that started back in February 2007. Thanks to, that is all but gone now. I am trying to pick up whatever I can find on Google cache and will be updating daily with whatever I can salvage. For now, I just wanted to let ya'll know that I'm still going strong (after and emotional pig out I had yesterday & today) and am going to continue STRONG until I reach my goal and transition on to maintenance for life thereafter...

Please check back often as I hope to have this blog up and running full time in about 1 week or so with the following pages (categories) that I had on my blog:

Contact Me
Training Routines
Civilian Fitness
What I Eat
Exercise & Weight Training
Fitness & Nutrition Articles
Nutrition and Free Recipes
Online Programs
Support Groups
Tracking Tools & Calculators

And, will also be working a personal website as well (more info to come very SOON!!!!!)

To your health!

~ Vilma


I guess persistence does payoff. After a CRAZY weekend... I was contacted by wordpress support & my blog is back up and running. They didn't provide any specifics on why my blog was suspended, but i'm going to go back and remove all obvious affiliate links & pictures for now.

Now... another dilema... which blog should I keep up???? I've contacted most people that linked to my site and have told them of my new blogger site.I really like the blogger one because there is html & I can put my affiliate links & pictures on it without worrying about it being shut down.

Maybe keep both????


Well, for now I am keeping both. My BLOG is more updated with lost of subjects, resources & daily/weekly journal updates. Please check there if you cannot find what you are looking for on this blog.

Thanks for visiting & for your support!

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